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Why we use CMYK Colour values

CMYK vs RGB: What is it and why do we use it?

CMYK is a standard for the printing industry while RGB is best used for screens & digital work.

This is because RGB ( red, green and blue) has a wider spectrum of colour options - 256 of each to be exact. That's 768 different options whereas CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) has 100 numerical options each which only makes 400 in total.

RGB can achieve more neon & bright colour options compared to CMYK. The vibrancy offered by RGB is what makes it better for digital use!

Now you must be thinking " If RGB has MORE colour options why don't we use that for printing?" It's simple - the CMYK colour mode is better suited for paper and physical ink.

When we use RGB, there are colour options mixed that CMYK cannot achieve. Our presses try to convert colours to the equivalent CMYK values however with every calibration of the printers they will recognise it differently. 

This is waht causes digital and print to vary and by using CMYK to design your prints this ensures the colour you see on-screen will be the colour printed by our machines.


Fun fact about CMYK - There are no colour options or combinations to create white - all the white you see on your prints is the paper!

To find our more about CYMK and setting up your print ready artwork, feel free to email our friendly team at admin@myprintpal.com.au


Our part in a Happy & Healthy Earth 🌏 | My Print Pal

Our part in a Happy & Healthy Earth 🌏

For the last 18 years MPP has been helping small businesses build their passions and promote their brands. Through this journey, it is important for us to maintain sustainable and eco-friendly methods.
*Que digital printing*
One of main reasons why we are able to encourage sustainability is through our printers. Our equipment is some of the most advanced and eco-friendly technology in the world that helps to reduce Waste, Emissions & Inventory waste.
These machines also have the Fujifilm Group Green Value Products certifications “excellent in reducing environmental impact”.
Every month MPP has an environmental impact statement that we like to share with you. We'll also be keeping all of our recent updates here!
In April 2022, we recycled approximately 1.292 tonnes of paper, effectively saving our environment:
- 17 trees
- 5 metres of Landfill
- 5297 Kilowatts of electricity
- 3 barrels of oil
- 41 Kilo litres of water
- & 3 tonnes of carbon


We strive for a happier Earth every day through sustainability and making print dreams come true. If you're interested in our range of recycled products - send us a message through our contact from or email us at admin@myprintpal.com.au. :)
Choosing the right labels for your products ✨ | My Print Pal

Choosing the right labels for your products ✨


When it comes to labelling your products - you might ask yourself a few questions....

How many can I order? What size is best? Can I print ANY shape? What is the difference between Gloss Adhesive Paper and SAV Vinyl? And how do I know which is right for me?
Luckily for you - we have the answers!
Here at My Print Pal we use digital printers, which not only means a faster turnaround but we can print any quantity you need. Plus when it comes to shapes and sizes - we can print ANY.
Choosing the right stock is where the important decision lies. Each product has a different purpose and you need a label to match.

A SAV Vinyl stock is preferred by many due to its durability. These stickers are waterproof and UV resistant, making them perfect for indoor or outdoor use. They're great for long term and you never have to worry about damage! SAV vinyl is ideal for custom shapes - in fact every custom sticker order is printed using this very stock!

The Gloss Adhesive Paper is a go-to for any design with small text. The glossy finish and crispy quality guarantees for a show stopping label. The thickness you get from a paper stock is one that allows for a firm application. Once its stuck - it's not going anywhere. Perfect for boxes & even wine bottles - a gloss adhesive sticker is an affordable and reliable option.
Whilst choosing your labels is a personal preference - it helps to know all the information. We hope to make your printing experience easy and stress free so if you have any unanswered questions or would like to take a look at some samples - just reach out to our friendly team at admin@myprintpal.com.au or through our contact form. :)