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Bathroom Bliss Bundle: Pack of 4 Backdrops

Bathroom Bliss Bundle: Pack of 4 Backdrops

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Introducing our Bathroom Bliss photography backdrops, the ultimate addition to every beauty and self-care photographer's toolkit! Whether you’re capturing the radiant glow of skincare or the rich textures of body care our backdrops will set the tone.

Reasons the Bathroom Bliss Collection is a Photographer's BFF:

🌟 Quality You Can Trust: Every backdrop in our collection is a testament to our printing knowledge & history. We've been in the game for 20 years and there's no middle person, we print every order that comes through to ensure your products are the best they can be.

🛁 Perfect for Beauty Photography: Each backdrop embodies a distinct bathroom aesthetic, from elegant marbles to chic tiles. Ideal for beauty, haircare, body care, and everything in between.

💄 Capture Every Detail: Elevate your skincare shots, make those mascara swatches pop, or let that new shampoo bottle shine. Our backdrops enhance every frame, making your products the star.

💰 Affordable & High Quality: Get the luxury look without the luxury price tag. While competitors might charge you twice the price, we believe in delivering quality without compromising on cost. And with speedy printing and shipping, you’ll be in the limelight before you know it.

🎯 Diverse & Durable: Our backdrops are versatile enough for a range of beauty products and designed to last. They're the perfect partner for every beauty guru and photographer, from novices to the experienced.

For the finest in beauty photography backdrops, our Bathroom Bliss Collection has got you covered. Tailored for the beauty-savvy and the creative, these backdrops bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to every shot.


1 x White Marble Backdrop
1 x Herringbone Tile Backdrop
1 x Pink Tile Backdrop
1 x Blue Tile Backdrop

Choose your sizing:
600mm x 900mm 
900mm x 1200mm



*Please keep in mind that while we strive for accuracy, there may be slight variations between the images and the actual product.

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